Please note – I am not accepting any new applications at this time.

Check back in Fall 2021 for possible opportunities to join my lab in the Fall of 2022.

General information about joining the Mathot Lab

My students and I work on a broad range of topics and use a diverse set of methods. If you are interested in the type of research we do (see Research and Publications), are bright, motivated and a team-player, check out the section below that applies to the type of opportunity you are seeking. Still interested? Contact me.

Postdoctoral opportunities
I am happy to host postdocs in the lab, however, they must have their own funding. Grants are available through the University of Alberta which are open to both Canadian and non-Canadian citizens (listed here). Canadians are additionally eligible for NSERC PDF fellowships. Non-Canadians may have a range of funding opportunities available through granting agencies in their home country. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in applying for funding to do a postdoc in my lab.

Graduate student opportunities
I accept graduate students through the University of Alberta’s Department of Biological Sciences. Prospective grad students should familiarize themselves with the requirements for grad studies at UofA before contacting me (UofA info for applicants).
If you meet the requirements, and are still interested, please contact me to discuss current opportunities. Please include in your email a brief explanation of why you are interested in joining my lab, a copy of your CV, and your unofficial transcript(s).

Undergraduate student opportunities
There are various opportunities for undergraduates to gain research experience in my lab. If you are looking for undergraduate research opportunities, please include in your email a brief explanation of why you are interested in joining my lab, and a copy of your unofficial transcript. Please also be clear about whether you are seeking volunteer work, research as part of  their undergraduate degree program (e.g. BIOL 398/399/498/499).